Read The Secret of the Nagas online free from your Mobile, Pc. The Secret of the Nagas is a Fantasy novel by Amish Tripathi. The Secret of the Nagas (Book 2) [Amish] on *FREE* Amish Tripathi ‘S Shiva Trilogy-nagas, Mehula & the Oath of the Vayuputras. Amish. The Secret of the Nagas: The Shiva Trilogy: Book 2 – Kindle edition by Amish Tripathi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Read The Secret of the Nagas online free by Amish Tripathi | Full Books

It’s nothing unusual, and I’m sure that bibliophiles would be thoroughly acquainted with the feeling, and it’s consequences. The secret of the nagas by amish tripathi waves travel far and fast, just like light” – Birth Pangs [Pg] Truth doesn’t ask for belief.

Lebih dari itu semua, lewat Siwa, penulis mengajak pembaca untuk memandang orang lain tidak dari fisik atau status mereka. The story however is more or less the same.

It is even rarer when the said sequel might just be better than its predecessor. What intrigues me abt the second book is the good vs evil discussion, would like to hear opinions about what the book discusses about evil should exist and should be balanced out at the right time? It only has to be spoken. Also, many a while, he breaks the suspense well in advance. Shiva and his men defeat Parashuram, and to his surprise comes to know that he is the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi Vasudev, the group of scholars who have been guiding him on his journey.


Aadisht Khanna from Mint praised Tripathi’s portrayal of Shiva in the book, complimenting the fact that nsgas was able to successfully deliver the humane side of his characters, and their emotions and motivations.

A book like this deserves to be completed in one sitting. Since the Chandravanshi threat has been taken care of the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi only thing that can now be considered evil is the feared Nagas. The characters are trupathi, the plot is well developed and the description is wonderful Hence I pre ordered this book.

Shiva, from being a man confused of his destiny in the first book, becomes an all powerful superhero, almost like Captain Vijayakanth. Amish Tripathi could have given some thought and importance to the actual believed sequence of the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi.

Later Shiva takes his troop of soldiers and travels far east to the land of Branga, where he wishes to find a clue to reach the Naga people.

02 The Secret Of The Nagas Amish Tripathi

One day, while playing with Kartik at a local park, three lions attack them and Ganesh becomes severely injured while saving Kartik. The plot holds your attention and the story races along, but the writing veers between the tne and the ridiculous.

His vengeance and the path to evil will lead him to the door of the Nagas, the serpent people.

Considering how disappointing the first book was, I kept my expectations low this time around. I get that the author has tried to give the story as modern a take as possible, but I can’t quite digest the fact that these people know of “radio waves” and “accumulator machines” OR that they say things like “You’re a year old virgin??


Retrieved 24 August He then shifts his focus to what he the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi a common threat, and a fount of evil – the Nagas. Chandreyee Of course you can.

We are dependent on sound waves to hear. I found some things predictable, but am not complaining about those in any way.


Generally a book opens up with the author thanking his family and friends. Shiva recognizes Ganesh as the O who the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi to attack on Sati and as the killer of Brahaspati.

Archived from the original on 29 January The first book ended abruptly in midst of a battle which was a clever strategy deployed by the author. I could almost imagine the marvelous movie which could be made To ask other readers questions about The Secret of the Nagasplease sign up.

And here, the security of bagas that good will eventually triumph over evil makes the reading more enjoyable. Characters and locations adapted as per the books from the series and from the official website. Return to Book Page. I tried; I really, truly tried. The second Novel of Amish Tripathi.

Can I read it online.? Amish is an IIM Kolkata educated, boring banker turned happy author. And it did aish disappoint me, not even a bit of it.