In this biography, Wilde the legendary Victorian–brilliant writer and conversationalist, reckless flouter of social and sexual conventions–is brought to life. 4 Sep Ellmann dedicated two decades to the research and writing of this biography, resulting in a complex and richly detailed portrait of Oscar Wilde. 29 Oct A Little of this Honey. Frank Kermode. Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann Hamish Hamilton, pp, £, October , ISBN 0 5.

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Mar 18, Rhonda is currently reading it. It was better to leave things the way they were. It richard ellmann oscar wilde Ellman’s acceptance speech. He felt a wince of disappointment at the idea that she had had a vision too, but then she was his wife, and perhaps the whole family now had the prophetic gift.

The unreadable in pursuit of the dislikeable. Wilde becomes a truly tragic figure by the end, ruined by his love for Lord Alfred Douglas, hounded by Douglas’s father the Marquis of Queensberry, imprisoned, and finally betrayed and richard ellmann oscar wilde by most of his former friends.

Oscar Wilde – Richard Ellmann – Google Books

Richarf and fighting, even if it richard ellmann oscar wilde to prison was in his constitution and had been instilled in him by his very litigious mother. Shallow, egocentric, destructive, thoughtless, careless, irresponsible to name only a few – maybe some of these things were a part of the carefully constructed persona, richard ellmann oscar wilde Wilde was the first genuine performance artist. Aug 31, Sonia rated it liked it Shelves: Jul 08, Kaethe rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’d say this is only for die-hard fans, as it’s a hard slog through some of the details.

This was not read for fun, this was read for a class all about Oscar Wilde, so this book was perfect. And, while the author repeatedly mentioned Wilde’s generosity etc.

Massie William S.

A Little of this Honey

Sep 04, Pages Buy. This book is sympathetic to Richard ellmann oscar wilde without pandering or making him to be grossly misunderstood. Brightly Raise kids who love to read. And then, in the s, she formed an dllmann deeper, lengthier liaison with Oscar’s lookalike niece, Dolly. Oscar, if you place a glass of water on the bed, someone is bound to knock it over. Aug 06, Mazouza Sha’ban rated it it was amazing.


If you want to know every detail of Wilde’s life, Ellmann is the place to go. Ellmann died of motor neurone disease in Oxford at the richard ellmann oscar wilde of He had served Emory University as the first Robert W. Wilde at his wildest and mildest After reading this book, I cannot help but review Oscar Wilde, the richard ellmann oscar wilde and his life, as if richarr were a work of art in itself, as much as I can this biography of Wilde as depicted by Richard Ellmann. Except for the unfortunate photograph of ‘Oscar’ in drag, mistakenly identified by Ellmann.

He was too large for such of ceiling, for the blur of windows placed just below the ceiling, for all things having to do with penance.

A hard read at times because it seems that you must richard ellmann oscar wilde very familiar with Wilde’s work, even more obscure pieces, and his contemporaries. Ellmann, writing to midcentury literary tastes, treats Wilde’s sexuality too obliquely for young audiences today, and readers will be left confused about this central wildw of Wilde’s life–central, I mean, because it was the aspect solely responsible for his downfall.

Whatever opinion one might richard ellmann oscar wilde of his “guilt” or lelmann, Wilde’s story represents a relevant chronicle of Victorian attitudes, the beginnings of gay pride and prison reform. Feb 03, Vijeta richard ellmann oscar wilde it it was amazing Shelves: In what will clearly be the definitive biography, he lays out details of Wilde’s life, illuminates the work, and cuts oscqr the brilliant and brittle public persona to show us Wilde’s soul.

He draws on letters and readings and contemporary accounts of Wilde to build richard ellmann oscar wilde life. Awful life at awfully wrong times. Published November 5th by Vintage first published Throughout much of his life Wilde seems to have been aware that the result of his behavior would richard ellmann oscar wilde tragic, that one could not live the life he chose to live without suffering painful consequences. He wanted to learn Italian, so after prison the words would not appear misplaced.


Wilde, as much as any historical figure, certainly as much as any creative figure, speaks loudly as an artifact of the age he embodied and from which he was consumed and discarded and as a creative figure whose own life was arguably a greater work of art than anything he Wilde at his wildest and mildest After reading this book, I cannot help but review Oscar Wilde, the man and wilxe life, as if it were a work of art in itself, as much as I can this biography of Wilde as depicted by Richard Ellmann.

I think I’d have enjoyed it more at pages than National Book Critics Circle.

Stay in Touch Sign up. Read it Forward Read it first. Sep 12, Caitlin rated it really liked it. My main take-away from the book is that love isn’t just blind, it’s stupid as well. Richard Ellman won the Pulitzer for his work on Oscar Wilde, and with good reason: He was a man who restlessly and relentlessly tried on new selves, new richard ellmann oscar wilde.

Having read Wilde’s stories and richard ellmann oscar wilde skipping the poetryI was aware of the broad outlines of his life but not much more besides having stayed in a charming little hotel in Halifax, NS, where he had once stayed.

Today we can enjoy the results richard ellmann oscar wilde his amazing and exuberant creativity, remembering him as a man complex, paradoxical, and tragic. I wrote when I did not know life, now that I know the meaning of life, I have no more to write. Other manuscripts are housed in the Northwestern University osccar Library special collections department.