24 Oct Neal Stephenson zaps across the centuries with his brilliant, bulging historical novel Quicksilver, says Steven Poole. Neal Stephenson is a writer from whom ideas erupt with the force of a volcano’s Quicksilver is the first volume in a monumental historical saga — written by. Quicksilver is the story of Daniel Waterhouse, fearless thinker and conflicted Puritan, pursuing knowledge in the company of the greatest minds of Baroque- era.

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This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat Nick Hasted of The Independent wrote that this research made “descriptions of Restoration London feel leaden, and intellectual discourses between Newton and his contemporaries textbook-dry.

There’s not a lot of variation on this theme: Book 1 follows the scientist Dan Waterhouse. The second novel is about the rise and fall of an Oriental slave girl as a merchant in Amsterdam.

He kills the janissaries and loots the area, taking ostrich feathers and acquiring a Turkish warhorse which he calls Turk. My one comment is that if you choose to read Quicksilver: It’s a “love it” or “WTF did I just read? What’s the Name o I’m so very close to the end, but I stopped caring somewhere along the way. It’s a big book, but it’s utterly fascinating and I loved it. He is a Royal Society member in the English scientific community but ends up playing a much more political role.

Based on the success of Cryptonomicona New York Times bestseller with sales of aboutcopies, the initial print-run for Quicksilver wascopies.


Lists with This Book. As such, you will be rewarded if you manage to make it to the second volume, where the real payoff for these characters is. The man prodigiously describes “cool” “fun” “interesting” events with such detail and precision that it usually loses its narrative flow.

But the “fiction” part of “historical fiction” comes into play because the main characters –an aspiring natural philosopher read: That was perhaps a bit too slow, but also tells more about how busy I was instead of describing the nature of the book.

But Eliza is a particularly poorly developed character- confusing and often contradictery, with shifting morals and no real reason behind many of her actions.

Perhaps have characters who are the ancestors of Lawrence Waterhouse and Bobby Shaftoe? Read new romance book reviews, posts from your favorite authors, samples, exciting digital first publications and e-book specials.

More, more, more

And yeah, ok we get it Neal, you’re really clever and know a bunch of stuff Quicksilver First edition cover. And I never had a torrid affair with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Quicksilver is kind of hard to classify, if you in fact insist on classifying it.

Book Overview Author Info About the Book Quicksilver is the story of Daniel Waterhouse, fearless quivksilver and conflicted Puritan, pursuing knowledge in the company of the greatest minds of Baroque-era Europe, in a chaotic world where reason wars with the bloody ambitions of the mighty, and where catastrophe, natural or otherwise, can alter the political landscape overnight.


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Quicksilver – Neal Stephenson – Paperback

Convinced that the Stuart monarchy has collapsed, Daniel returns to London and takes revenge on Jeffreys by inciting a crowd to capture him for trial and later execution.

We breathe life into these figurines, and they start walking around, interacting now with this person, now with that one, stephensno an event here, and another one there.

Many adventures ensue; they travel to Paris and Amsterdam, and Eliza gets involved in trading shares in stephensin silver mine. Reading this book was kind of like Quicksilver won the Arthur C.

Review: Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson | Books | The Guardian

She mentions Stephenson’s poor writing and his lack of knowledge of the literary tradition, which she considers to be because “the greatest influences upon Stephenson’s work have been comic books and cartoons”.

The point is that at So many people have already reviewed this book–so instead of a comprehensive review, I will only mention one of many truly memorable scenes. Other Booksellers The broadest selection of online bookstores. Book 1, King of the Vagabonds: