12 May Best Practices for Creating. MIL-STDA Technical Data. Packages (TDP’) using (3D) PDF and STEP. Jerry McFeeters. Executive Director. MIL-STD TECHNICAL DATA PACKAGES. (Naval Publications and Form Center) (NPFC); Page Count: ; ANSI Approved: No; DoD Adopted: No. NOT MEASUREMENTSENSITIVE MIL-STD 5 November SUPERSEDING MIL-DTLC 9 J uly 2.

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Do you generate TDPs today?

What is planned for the next months: The memo did not reinstate any canceled military specifications or standards. They usually consist of: In their place, the DOD directed the use of performance specifications and non-government standards. The latter two goals MRO and logistics favor certain general concepts, such as interchangeabilitystandardization of equipment and processes, in generalcatalogingcommunications, and training to teach people what is standardized, what is at their discretion, and the details of the standards.

I second Ed’s comment. A specification that contains both performance and detail requirements is still considered a detail specification. Military of the United States standards. A national imperative”, Program Managerv 23, no.

Views Read Edit View history. For purposes of this article, “military mmil will include standards, specifications and handbooks. A performance specification states requirements in terms of the required results with criteria for verifying compliance but without stating the methods for achieving the required results. A complete list of standards was maintained as Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards, up until Is there an example of this online?

Main purpose is to push data to the suppliers. A document that provides standard procedural, technical, engineering, or design information about the materiel, processes, practices, and methods covered by xtd DSP. If you have a question, mmil post it in the NX Design Forum. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Create the TDP directly in Teamcenter as an Zip-File with all relevant information listed above and send out via Teamcenter supplier collaboration Tool.


According to a issue of Gatewaypublished by the Human Systems Information Analysis Center, [5] the number of defense standards and specifications have been reduced from 45, to 28, A document that establishes uniform engineering and technical requirements for military-unique or substantially modified commercial processes, procedures, practices, and methods.

United States Military Standard

The GAO acknowledges, however, that the terms are often used interchangeably. Another potential drawback of thorough standardization is a threat analogous to monoculture where lack of biodiversity creates higher risk of pandemic disease or a ship without bulkhead compartmentalization where even a small hull leak threatens the whole vessel. Though similar, fasteners could often not be interchanged in high-precision, demanding applications until the development of the Unified Thread Standard in the late s.

However, other sources noted that the number of standards just before the Perry memorandum was issued was less than 30, and that thousands have been canceled since then. What departments within your company use these tools design, nanufacturing, other?

United States Military Standard – Wikipedia

Standardization is beneficial in achieving interoperabilityensuring products meet certain requirements, commonality, reliabilitytotal cost of ownershipcompatibility with logistics systems, and similar defense-related objectives. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, the proliferation of standards also has some drawbacks. A document that describes the essential technical requirements for military-unique materiel or substantially modified commercial items.

The main one is that they impose what is functionally equivalent to a regulatory burden upon the defense supply chain, both within the military and across its civilian suppliers. Official definitions are provided by DoD In the late 18th century and throughout the 19th, the American and French militaries were early adopters and longtime developmental sponsors and advocates of interchangeability and standardization. Message Listing Previous Next.


However, this threat is somewhat academic, as even poorly standardized materiel presents a likelihood of supplying an enemy if overrun. Although the official definitions differentiate between several types of documents, all of these documents go by the general rubric of “military standard”, including defense specifications, handbooks, and standards.

In the DOD issued a new memorandum [4] which eliminated the requirement to obtain a waiver in order to use military specifications or standards. Retrieved 6 January Responding to increasing criticism, Secretary of Defense William Perry issued a memorandum in that prohibited the use of most military specifications and standards without a waiver.

General Accounting Office,Acquisition Reform: Related documents, such as defense handbooks and defense specificationsare also addressed. For example, due to differences in dimensional tolerances, in World War II American screwsboltsand nuts did not fit Nil equipment properly and were not fully interchangeable.

This article discusses definitions, history, and usage of defense standards. This results, for example, in ammunition and food cases that can be opened without tools; vehicle subsystems that can be quickly swapped into the place of damaged ones; and small arms and artillery that are less likely to find themselves with an excess of ammunition that does not fit and a lack of ammo that does. There are five types of defense standards: How do you share all of this data today i.

Searle, and Caisse Vickery,”The impact of the Packard Commission’s recommendations on reducing st overruns on defense acquisition contracts”, Acquisition Review Quarterlyv 6, no. If you would prefer to send your input to be directly that’s fine too.