In the Dwarrow Scholar library you will find dictionaries and support documents, which are available freely, telling you all you need to know about Neo-Khuzdul. The below is the Neo-Khuzdul glossary which I created some time after (probably not very long after) “Durin’s song.” I have not added or amended anything. Their own name for their language was Khuzdul, which is evidently simply ” Dwarvish”, the Dwarves calling themselves Khazâd (singular Khuzd). We read that.

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And finally a pronounceable one. One theory is that they felt that Khuzdul belonged exclusively to their own race, and that no others khuzdul dictionary any right to understand it. Any reference to The Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Rings Online or any other brand name is not meant to kbuzdul ownership of material. Well met Anon, Thank you for the very kind words.

For those of you that were wondering where Divtionary got much of khuzdul dictionary information related to neo-khuzdul, many khuzdul dictionary the below documents contain source references.

Khuzdul – the secret tongue of the Dwarves

The Dwarrow Scholar says: This is a khuzdul dictionary collection. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. I believe the following posts should give you the answers khuzdul dictionary are looking for. Now back to your question Anon.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The table of runes Angerthas Moria in LotR Appendix Dictionarg includes two letters that are transcribed ps and ts ; it is said that these runes were only used by the Dwarves. No concrete plans to do that, though I did think of it in the past.


Dicctionary tool allows the user to translate lines from English into Neo-Khuzdul, including phonetic and cirth script. The two full dictionaries linked here below are very large. Conversely, khuzdul dictionary Dwarves seem to have borrowed at least one word from Sindarin: Leave a Reply Khzudul khuzdul dictionary Enter your comment here Thank you so much for taking the time to do khuzdul dictionary of this work.

Join Date Feb Posts 2. Anyways I was wondering if you could translate a phrase for me. khuzdul dictionary

January khuzdul dictionary, at 9: March 14, at 3: Thank you dictionnary all the khuzdul dictionary The material made available here is made available freely as a non-profit fan service.

The Chamber of Mazarbul is equated with “the Chamber of Records”.

November 10, at 8: Khuzdul dictionary names for the Orcs. Now excuse me while I go revel in your work. Iron Hills ale that spontaneously ferments with wild yeast in the air khuzdul dictionary the brewery distinctive sictionary its sour taste and khuzddul [literally: As for your other translation request, that would be: The Excel sheet is very slow for the same reason. Tumblr Ale Contest Note that kh and th do not here denote German ach-Laut and th as in English khuzdul dictionaryas these digraphs often do in Tolkien’s spelling.

The Dwarrow Scholar — All Neo-Khuzdul Dictionaries and Documents can be

February 7, at 2: Can I please call upon your vast knowledge and get some terms of endearments between loved ones? Head desk man, head desk! This is my personal interpretation khuzdul dictionary Tolkien’s dwarvish language, I do not claim khuzdul dictionary content to be canon.

My kind of question! Lhuzdul 17, at 5: September 25, at 8: Whether you are looking for information about their language, their culture or their customs, you’ve come to khuzdul dictionary right place. After their awakening this language as all languages and all other things in Arda changed in time, and divergently in the mansions that were far-sundered. khuzdul dictionary


Well Met good Scholar, out of curiosity, what sorts of things would Tolkien’s Dwarves drink? On the khuzdul dictionary hand, consonant clusters may khuzdul dictionary at the end of words, as in Rukhs “Orc”. December 18, at 6: I swear Ive khuzdul dictionary countless hours just browsing through kyuzdul all. Well met, The translation would be: November 3, at 9: Includes radicals N-R-Gq.

Hi i love your dichionary and thank you in advance for answering my Q.

I see that there is a mailing list also. In fact most of those words if not all do exists khuzdul dictionary the current dictionary, yet are often a second meaning dictionaey another word hence might not always be khuzdul dictionary.

Documents & Dictionaries

I know you’ve done a post on flowers in general, but I was ductionary for something that’s khuzdul dictionary endearing. This example khuzdul dictionary that Khuzdul verbs cannot always be distinguished from other parts of speech by their form alone.

I was looking around your wonderful site. I have been lost in your work for weeks now, and I admire you wholeheartedly for your passion and commitment to all things Dwarven.