Henry Fielding wrote both Joseph Andrews () and Shamela () in response to Samuel Richardson’s book Pamela (), of which. FIELDING’S RICHARDSON: SHAMELA, JOSEPH ANDREWS AND PARODY REVISITED1. Joseph Andrews is the first of three novels (Tom Jones and Amelia . Joseph Andrews wasn’t even his first foray into Pamela-land, since he also penned An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews in You might say that.

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Joseph Andrews / Shamela by Henry Fielding

The fact that Joseph is a man not a woman brings the funny spoof to crumble and what is left is some skeleton only those who are specialised in literary criticism can examine and make sense of with the jargon and concepts of formal realism and characterization. Parson Adams is a wonderful character and a very unique and full creation. The book’s plot itself defies explanation. Unlike Richardson and his characters, Fielding and his are warm and kind; Fielding attacks the stupidities of human kind that need attacking, and he’s smarter than everyone.

His Nose a little inclined to shakela Roman. Booby has married Pamela, granting Joseph a powerful new ally and brother-in-law. B in Josdph novel, however, Lady Booby finds that Joseph’s Christian commitment to chastity before marriage is unwavering. It is in the first place a striking contravention of that decorum of suitable styles with which the image of language as the dress of thought was traditionally associated: The ambivalence which seems to surround Fielding’s treatment of Joseph’s social status is in some ways comparable to the treatment of the virtuous merchant Heartfree in Jonathan Wild.

The passin Henry Fielding was born in Somerset andrrws An additional layer of parody in Joseph Andrews is the Quixotic, in which “Imitation of the Manner of Cervantes” evokes mockery of heroic romances rather than epics, of which the romances were regarded as debased derivatives. Colley Cibberpoet laureate and mock-hero of Pope’s Anfrewsis identified in the first chapter of the novel as another offender against propriety, morality and literary value. After two bad experiences with women, he is financially crippled and, much like Fielding himself, falls into the company of a group of Deistsfreethinkers and gamblers.


The name reappears disconcertingly as that of the heroine of Joseph Andrews.

True, Richardson’s prose is a little more approachable on a sentence level, but Fielding isn’t generally presenting the thoughts of a naive girl.

We know that if this was reality, the injustices would not be so addressed.

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The comedy of andres precisely timed fart belongs to the demotic underside of the never-never lands of fairy tale and romance, in which coincidences and closures are forever assuring us of ideal congruences denied by the experience of daily life. But the claim would have no standing in comparison with the work of Defoe or Josfph, a truth which Fielding would at all times be more disposed to publicize than to conceal, and his claim is, as I shall argue, compromised from within in other ways.

Showing of 19 reviews. The two fictions which were included in the Miscellanies ofthe Journey from this World to the Next and Jonathan Wild, were probably written earlier and are in various ways outside the line of development he established in the novels for which he is best remembered and through which his influence on later fiction was most fully exercised.

There moseph little headings at the start of each chapter which indicate what happens in the chapter, and some of them are obvious skips, though some of My best consolation for reading this book was knowing I got to count it towards my Goodreads Reading Challenge. Whether or josepu he was right to identify these qualities with Richardson is of secondary importance in Shamela, and still less important in the later novels, where Fielding’s moral outlook is articulated in its more positive forms: Enraged, the three depart to the nearest inn to find that, while at the squire’s house, they had been robbed of their last half-guinea.


andress Tave, The Amiable Humourist: Aandrews you Henry Fielding for pointing out the lovely hypocrisy of Pamela, laughed my head off. Battestin for the definitive Wesleyan Edition of Fielding’s works. Cite textual and critical quotations to support your argument. They are both parodies of Pamela, which is also irritating. In both stories, Fielding demonstrates his concern for the corruption of contemporary society, politics, religion, morality, and taste.

Pamela may be formally forgotten for large tracts of the story, but it is an active presence at the beginning and end.

Fielding’s Richardson : Shamela, Joseph Andrews and Parody Revisited – Persée

A-gad, says he, and so I will. Readers who persist in identifying “comic epic” with mock-heroic, however, are misreading the Preface to that work. Fielding followed this success with another well received novel, Amelia Though he is betrayed, he forgives.

Another model of andrewss without sexual restraint lies in the story of Mr Wilson, a man who led a wild life and had a number of involvements with women before settling down happily with his wife. It is quite funny–though only if you have read Pamela!

The Cervantic element is itself not so much parody as imitation of parody, since parody of romances was already built into Don Quixote, as parody of traveller’s tales and other genres was built into Lucian’s True History and the books of Rabelais.