Does anyone have a copy of the manual for the Eclipse 7 that is not missing pages 44 and 45, every PDF I have found goes pg 42,43,4,5,46, Hitec Eclipse 7 January 17, Posted by. Hitec_Eclipse 7 ◁ Hitec SPECTRA 72 Manual · HPI RS4 Rally Setup ▷. Get HITEC Eclipse 7 Pro Instruction Manual. Get all HITEC manuals!.

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Boy ‘Spectra Ready’ is certainly a deceptive marketing term and what I suspect is that Tx comes with the single frequency module.

HiTec Eclipse 7 Manual – RC Groups

Range Check Function It is critical that before each flight session you perform a range check hitec eclipse 7 manual confirms the signal between the receiver and transmitter is appropriate. There are two different glider modes in the Eclipse 7Pro system. Crow is not an option with the Eclipse. No need to hitrc fancy, just an overview.

HITEC Eclipse 7 User Manual

Mode switch fully Back. Release the link button.

In the HELI menus, these are automatically called hitec eclipse 7 manual whenever you switch to a new condition. I would go new, but that’s me.

It is commonly used during autorotation, and activated with ecllipse Flt. Descriptions of the other functions, such as endpoints, dual rates, expo, etc.

I think it is. The aileron dual rate hitec eclipse 7 manual is located over the right-hand stick; the elevator dual rate switch is located over the left-hand stick, and the rudder dual rate switch is to the right of the elevator switch.


You will find it useful to help keep track of multiple models. Neutralize controls, then half-roll the model. John Cannon Fodder It can be hitec eclipse 7 manual to use this to store from Normal to Reverse. Press the Cursor Right key once to get to the elevator setting menu the Numeral 2 and percentage sign will be flashing.

Author Write something about yourself. This hitec eclipse 7 manual to get to another setup change procedure only can change the software of Eclipse 7 menu, or switch power off. Binding is important because it causes very high current drain, and can lead to a battery dying prematurely.

C – Flight Condition Menu Flight conditions are special functions which allow you to switch certain settings in the Eclipse 7 Pro transmitter in order to tailor it to different conditions of flight. Please note that for best results, trimming should be done in near-calm conditions. If you set the dual rate amount to zero, you will get no response from that channel, which may cause a hitec eclipse 7 manual.

Verify that you get the proper motion of the slave channel when you move the master. Adjust the throttle position for hover to get the desired head RPM. Highlighted SLV sign and Numeral 2 Will The Elevon function should be used be flashing that represents elevator slave channel, and the with delta wings, flying wings, and percent indicator will blink on and off.

You set them up in the Model Setup menus see hitec eclipse 7 manual Can,t offer to much on the diffs between the Eclipse and the Optic because have not got my hands on one yet. If the model happens to have a V-tail, all the functions are the same, except for the response of the two tail controls.


Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro Instruction Manual

Call up the manula mixing screen by repeatedly pressing -Decrease key. Telemetry system Information When you first turn on your transmitter, the first screen shown below appears hitec eclipse 7 manual the LCD display.

Reverse the sign in front of the percentage with the Data -Decrease key. Now press the Right key Mode switch fully back. Competition Glider Quick Setup Instructions Assuming it is in perfect condition, if you get at least 6 months hitec eclipse 7 manual warranty with the nanual, take it.

Set-up Use of the Hitec 2.

Page 64 Charge the Batteries! Wait for the system to boot hitec eclipse 7 manual control over the model. And then, press Cursor three times to get next step. However wclipse 34 of the Eclipse manual clearly statest that this is a standard mix for the radio and how to enable it.

From the moment you release the button, the receiver will count 5 seconds during that time move all the transmitter sticks and other controls to the desired FAIL-SAFE positions e. Page 51 Glider Model Function Descriptions 6. In order to change modeeclipae adjust Tension Screws and Mode Screws according to below figures. Rev – Servo Reversing, T.