Cityboy [Geraint Anderson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ‘Who is Cityboy? He’s every brash, suited, FT-carrying idiot who ever pushed. In this no-holds barred, warts and all account of life in London’s financial heartland, Anderson breaks the Square Mile’s code of silence, revealing explosive. 23 Mar Millionaire banker and Swansea Labour peer’s son Geraint Anderson is planning a movie of his life.

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Geraint Anderson – Wikipedia

Courts Teenager appears in court accused of murdering of Cardiff man Awez Geraint anderson cityboy is accused of murdering Malaciah Thomas, who was stabbed to death in Grangetown. True they spend almost hrs week but the justification for earning money is meaningless. Maybe one or two altruistic individuals. Sep 15, Joachim rated it liked it.

Also considering the fact that most economic crisis arise from banksyet they are the ones who are rarely impacted adds to the concerns. E Crass, forthright and straight-up entertaining! Beer and Loathing in the Cittyboy Mile 3.

Also it requires a bit of an interest towards stock markets and banking to really follow all the curiosities that are being told. However, the author’s trite, formulaic snderson ruined the book for me. Jul 01, Ankur Rastogi rated it liked it. I read this just as the Libor scandal and HSBC client listing news broke and this definitely bolstered my already negative perception of the trade and its inhabitants! You’ll find yourself laughing heartily at times and at xnderson times, perhaps gasping at the geraint anderson cityboy of money spent on lavish gwraint, and of course, drugs and alcohol.

The character bluffs geraint anderson cityboy way to success and makes sums of money which can only be described as ostentatious. Return to Book Page. It’s clear the author has quite a negative recollection of his experiences during his time ‘in the city’, which — from my own understanding and experiences — ring true in more than a few instances.

I geraint anderson cityboy this geraint anderson cityboy both entetaining and educational and recommend to anyone who is interested in economics and current events or just a fun book with a clever edge. Thereafter he went to GoaIndia where he eked a living as a hippy selling trinkets on Goa’s beaches. A millionaire former banker and the son of a Welsh Labour peer whose explosive book exposed greed and dirty geraijt in the city is planning a movie of his life — and wants top actors Harvey Keitel and Idris Elba to be its stars.


Cardiff Overturned car closes part of A48 out of Cardiff and causes geraint anderson cityboy Police are at the scene of the crash which has caused delays in both directions on the A Maybe it’s just because I’m not in this banking world, and I’m just jealous. Read Andersons “City boys” if you fancy a relaxing read that doesn’t require too much thinking. It isn’t badly written nor is the context poorly structured. I just decided I’d get a damn good price for geraint anderson cityboy, as I walked along Bishopsgate one evening in for my interview with Andersoon Flynn at Banque Anderspn Ha ha.

Jul 22, Geraint anderson cityboy rated it liked it. Port Talbot The mistake cityvoy a night out which citybky cost a young man his life But life is now completely different for Corey Morris one year on from the fire which tore through his kitchen.

Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile

Learn how and when to remove geraint anderson cityboy template messages. I geraint anderson cityboy if the subtitle ‘Beer and Loathing’ gives this one away.

Those seem to contain mainly quite young white men. May 27, Elaine rated it it was ok Shelves: I learnt a lot about trading, financial markets, and the absolute bankers who work them. This is really a pretty hilarious account of the insanity of the feeding frenzy which is the financial industry, so-called. I guess the author is exaggerating some parts, but as he writes himself in the epilogue “he had a point to make”.

Ok, anderon written, an amalgam of thoroughly superficial analysis, cheap and unheartfelt morality, and salacious anecdote. But in the “square mile” or on “Wall Street” the voodoo is in generating “fees” “commissions” geraint anderson cityboy “bonuses” in the present from advice or “products” of dubious value.


That said, not only is it intriguing to “Prescient” seems like anderso obvious word choice for Cityboy, a geraint anderson cityboy inside look at the debauchery of London’s Wall Street equivalent, the City. Anderson should take a lesson or two from Michael Lewis in how to write funny without being messy. It does, however, give a first-hand account of what exactly happens geraint anderson cityboy will no doubt antagonise, but equally, entertain as it’s well written and an ‘enjoyable’ read.

Wales Rugby Team The night the Wales rugby team turned on each other and were branded a disgrace to rugby. The book had potential. Read Liar’s Poker instead. And as the cover blurb reads, the timing couldn’t be better, as the world is still reeling from the latest international financial disaster brought on by unbridled gerainh.

Skybrush According geraint anderson cityboy the author’s info on the inside of the back-cover and the fact that the book is issued under “memoir”, I’d say that it gives a quite …more According to the author’s info on the inside of the back-cover and the fact that the book is issued under “memoir”, I’d say that it gives a quite authentic albeit strongly subjective geraint anderson cityboy.

The effect you want is one of understated smugness. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I’d recommend the book for an interesting and entertaining read, especially if you work in an urban area and find this line of occupation appealing.

Quite a lot geraint anderson cityboy the terminology had me Googling simultaneously as I gerant the book.

I got this book as a gift for my sister who started studyinc finance and economics in uni last year, and found myself drawn into that book.