Bausch + Lomb has launched its new enVista glistening-free, hydrophobic acrylic IOL. The enVista lens represents a significant step forward in IOL technology. Bausch + Lomb announced the introduction of the enVista MX60E with StableFlex technology, the company’s next-generation hydrophobic. In mid, the Food and Drug Administration approved the enVista hydrophobic acrylic IOL (Bausch + Lomb). This lens is the only.

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Stephenson was one of the first ophthalmologists to implant the enVista lens in the United States outside of the pilot study. This content is intended for health care professionals and providers only. They have been found in many lens types, but have been found most frequently in hydrophobic acrylic IOLs, which are the most commonly implanted lens type in the United States and Australia.

Slow unfolding can be annoying but not a clinical issue. Researchers found no evidence that contrast sensitivity was affected by the glistenings.

The aspheric aberration-free optic allows for pristine postop visual outcomes and is especially helpful in post laser vision correction patients. I encourage other ophthalmologists to give it a trial. Larger studies are needed to determine the best dosage and method of delivery of current experimental therapies.

Glistenings, caused by fluid-filled microvacuoles that can form within an IOL, are abated by hydrating the lens to equilibrium water content and packaging the lens in 0. Wiley, MD William F. We use cookies to offer a better user experience and to analyze site traffic. The Accujet insertion system. Excellent lens with no glistenings, very easy to insert, excellent toric platform, easy to load, folds controllably, and no scratching or chips.


Optic Diameter mm 6. Allows for very easy viscoelastic removal under the IOL.

The refractive index is 1. I love this lens because it’s stable and very easy to put in the eye.

The Brightness Acuity Tester score was just more than one-half line lower than the Snellen acuity. With the introduction of the enVista intraocular lens, we have a hydrophobic IOL that can provide refractive power and remain glistening-free. Image courtesy Peter Heiner, MD.

Cataract Surgery – enVista IOL

The new insertion system was designed to facilitate implantation through incisions as small as 2. Heiner used peribulbar anesthesia with intracameral supplementation. References made in article may indicate usage of medical equipment or drugs at dosages, for periods of time, and in combination not included in ill current prescribing information.

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enVista Glistening-free IOL | Beye

After decades of not much change, microscopes are beginning to change the way surgeons operate. Additionally the patients are experiencing less glare and postoperative complication. The lens is 4 percent water, so it is in equilibrium with the environment in saline, which means that there is no water movement in and out of the IOL.

The enVista can be inserted through a 2. The lens is scratch free so technicians loading the lens cannot even accidentally put a scratch in the optic. Physician burnout appears to be on the rise.

Patients are happy with the visual outcomes. Get stable refractions without early capsular haze. Premium Kol and refractive surgery patients—and surgeons—may have a new option to protect against a bad outcome.

Early Users Share the enVista Experience

Glistenings and surface light scattering in intraocular lenses. No glistenings and no complaints. The enVista lens two weeks postoperatively. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.


Cataract surgery was performed using the Stellaris phaco machine. Nice and good visual outcomes.

Company Information Contact the company for additional information, availability, or pricing: Seventy percent of those patients are within 0. Jones, MD Jason J. And lastly, this monofocal IOL is truly glistenings-free which is envita valuable when evista optometrists see these patients in the postoperative comanagment period. Beye LLC, via its Editors and Publisher, accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or property occasioned through the implementation of any ideas or use of any product described herein.

This IOL is a pleasure for both the surgeon and patients. Polishing the anterior subcapsular epithelium off while it’s unfolding makes efficient use of the time. The enVista is the best monofocal IOL without any vacuoles. Step-vaulted haptics vault the optic posteriorly for direct contact with the capsular bag. The study included 46 consecutive eyes of 36 patients scheduled for cataract surgery with planned implantation of the enVista IOL.

If the lens loses clarity, a cataract forms, and vision deteriorates. Additionally, the lens is very durable. The enVista intraocular lens is a hydrophobic, single-piece ultra-violet absorbing posterior chamber encista lens designed to be free of spherical io.