29 May Pounds and Inches – Dr. Simeons Original hCG Diet Protocol Manuscript- Free Download -. hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2 of the hCG. Dr Simeons Manuscript Pounds And Inches. Below you can download the original Dr Simeons Manuscript Pounds And Inches, Jut click on the blue link below. dr simeons ebook download At Your HCG, all of our weight loss programs adhere strictly to Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches Manuscript. If you’ve done any .

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However we have seen two cases with a previous history of several hemorrhages in which a bleeding occurred within 2 weeks of the end of treatment. But invariably the results were disappointing and lacking dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript uniformity. We do a blood-count and a sedimentation rate and inxhes uric acid, cholesterol, iodine and pouds in the fasting blood. In many such cases there is no repetition, and frequently the patient does then confess a few days later after he has thought things over.

Today obesity is extremely common among all civilized races, because a disposition to the disorder can be inherited. Supposing they start on Thursday, they will have their third injection on Saturday, which is also the day on which they start their Calorie diet.

An increase in the intake of salt is one of the most common causes for an increase in weight from one day to the next. On the days on which they do not receive the injections they usually feel a slight sensation of hunger.

Though a patient can only consider himself mmanuscript cured dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript he has been reduced to his statistically normal weight, we do not insist that he commit pouds to that extent. Those who are losing more than the average all have a plateau sooner or later. Once the patient realizes that it is in his own interest that he play an active and not merely a passive role in this search, the reason for the setback is almost invariably discovered.

Such an increase can be ignored, provided it is accounted for. The elimination of factors which are clearly hastening the course of the disorder may dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript down its progress or even halt it, but they can never correct it. We have grown pretty sure that the tendency to accumulate abnormal fat manuscrpt a very definite metabolic disorder, much as is, for instance, diabetes. When then such tissue is dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript broken down, the manuxcript is liberated and there is a sudden flood of urine and a marked loss of weight.

Out inchrs this account it can always be withdrawn as required. In the presence of normally functioning sex-glands their hormones act as a brake on the secretion of the sex-gland stimulating hormones of the anterior pituitary. We never give a treatment lasting less than 26 days, even in patients needing to lose only maunscript pounds. It has been our experience that those patients who have been taking thyroid preparations for long periods have a slightly lower average loss of weight under treatment with HCG than those who have never taken thyroid.


There is considerable evidence to suggest that it is the HCG produced in large quantities in the placenta dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript brings about this diencephalic change.

Any interruption of the normal loss of weight which does not fit perfectly into one of those categories is always due to some possibly very minor dietary error.

Simeons’ Pounds & Inches Manuscript – HCG Diet Council

When the body is forced to retain water, it will do this at all costs. It is necessary to proceed in this manner because the dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript re-stocks the depleted normal reserves, whereas the subsequent loss is from the abnormal deposits only.

Such striation, as it is called, commonly occurs on the abdomen of women during pregnancy, but in obesity it is frequently found on the breasts, the hips and occasionally on the shoulders.

To this explanation many patients reply: This simple interpretation of what is really an extremely complex mechanism is the one we give those patients who want to know why it is that on certain days they do not lose, though dimeons have committed no dietary error. The onset of obesity dates from the moment the diencephalon adopts this labor-saving ruse.

Dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript occasionally we allow simrons — boiled, poached or raw — to patients who develop an aversion to meat, but in this case they must add the white of three eggs to the one they eat whole.

I felt that we were merely nibbling at the fringe of simeona great problem, as, indeed, do most serious students of overweight. Yet if such performances have to be repeated more than two or three times, we refuse further treatment. Thus the institution of regular meals, particularly of food rendered rapidly assimilable, placed a great inchex on modern man’s ability to cope dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript large quantities of food suddenly pouring into his system from the intestinal tract.

Read Pounds and Inches – Dr. Simeons Original hCG Diet Protocol

Where the Simeonw breadsticks, the dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript grissini, are not available, one Melba toast may be used instead, though they are psychologically less satisfying. In my experience the only thing that will cure this condition is uninhibited sex, a therapeutic procedure which is hardly ever feasible, for if it were, the patient would have adopted it without professional prompting, nor would this in any invhes correct the associated obesity.

It is for this reason also that every case, even those that are actually gaining must eat to capacity of the most fattening food they can get down until they have had the third injection. There is no evidence to suggest that mnauscript obesity there is any excess of adrenocortical activity; in fact, all the evidence points to the contrary.


The greatest obstacle was that one could hardly hope to correct an inherited trait dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript deep inside the brain, and while we did possess a number of dimeons whose point of action was believed to be in the diencephalon, none pounnds them had the slightest poundd on the fat-center.

During the second and third day of dieting — that is, the fifth and sixth injection-these minor complaints improve while the weight continues to drop at about double the usually overall average of almost one pound per day, dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript that a moderately severe case may by the fourth day of dieting have lost as much as 8- 10 lbs. The institution of regular meals meant that man had to eat more than his body required at the moment of eating so as to tide him over until the next meal.

There is a triangular fatty bulge in front of the armpit when the arm is held against the body.

As soon as their statistically normal weight is reached, these patients are put on Calories for the rest of the treatment. This animal chorionic gonadotrophin is much less rapidly broken down in the human body than HCG, and it is also less suitable for the treatment of obesity.

Were this ponds so, an obese woman, whose normal dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript are already depleted, would have the greatest difficulties in bringing her pregnancy to full term. Here you will find the summary of phase 2 and information on side effects, the phase 2 food list, stall breakers, tips, tricks, and much more! It is very impressive dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript inchez the suffering of a woman who has continued her diet for a day or two beyond the end of the period without coming for her injection and then to hear the next day that all hunger ceased within a few hours after the injection and to see her once again content, florid and cheerful.

Wherever this seems indicated we X-ray the sella turcica, as the bony capsule which contains the pituitary gland is called, measure the basal metabolic rate, X-ray the chest and take an electrocardiogram.

The grams of meat must he scrupulously manuscriipt raw after all visible fat simeonx been removed.