A 17 year old girl’s life turns upside down when she becomes romantically involved with a Greek god, has to fight demons, and along her journey, discovers a. 4 Oct Her mutation into Creatura is all but over when she receives the surprise of her life Nely Cab is the best-selling author of the Creatura series. Creatura by Nely Cab combines mythology, action and suspense.

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It is finely crafted with lively characters, touching and realistic creatura by nely cab, beautiful prose especially when David is “speaking”and jaw dropping-shell-shocking-my heart just fell through the floor and was stomped on by a giant-gut wrenching-uncontrollable out and out sobbing inducing emotion.

„Creatura”, by Nely Cab

Nely has officially made the lives of every man in ne,y future ten thousand times harder!!! I’d also like to note that I fell in love with David almost instantly –who wouldn’t?

It was unfortunate that I had to experience this story for myself. I am not exaggerating here. Cab is from my neck of the woods and is a representative of my Latina community, which-in my not so humble opinion- is sorely underrepresented in the neky world.

The only thing I would say that was positive about the novel is the length and pacing. I recommend it to anyone and everyone that enjoys mythology, romance, young adult novels, gripping language or even just a nice read. They are the ones that you recommend ndly and they are the ones that my standards for other creatura by nely cab have to meet up with.

Claire is described as an attractive thirty-year old single mother. And then I felt it—a searing pain in the middle of my creatura by nely cab. Ummmm I really expected more from this book.

What first begins as a slow trickle of misfortune soon blossoms into a growing and living force flooding everything that was, until it is no more.


Preview — Creatura by Nely Cab. However, becoming a monster wasn’t part of the plan. I thought it had more action and it was more entertaining. Instead of a beast, a handsome man with wings is the actual perpetrator creatura by nely cab the bad dreams.

I the characters felt so real in my mind as I read this story for a second time. Please tell me SOON!!! I felt more out of place than a clown at a funeral.

It felt like it had been tacked on as an afterthought, like Nely Cab wanted to be like other YA and add another guy in the mix creatura by nely cab she had written everything else. I enjoy the reimagining of Creation stories, especially when there is a love story and a Pantheon involved. He creatura by nely cab his hands into his jean pockets before hr asked, “Do you find me attractive? We now know that her dream world is a very real place filled with very real people, all of whom have become pivotal to her journey, some more intimately than others.

If you’ve read the first book which I’m hoping you have if you’re reading this reviewyou know the first book leaves off on a huge cliffhanger.

They all have strong bonds. I’m an absolute lost cause. She wrote a new brilliant book. Not one to back down from a challenge, he shows up in the flesh at her high school so that she will finally know that he is real.

Creatura is a story of gods, a story drawn around the world that I discovered many years ago in the Legends of Olympus. While I wouldn’t exactly call that a good story, it WAS good entertainment. I would NOT answer his pleas. Isis’ insomnia also takes its toll on her mother, Claire, who constantly worries about creatura by nely cab daughter’s health.

She 18 not 8. It bonded my experiences as a reader to their experiences to the point where I felt it was happening to me, in my world. But always entertaining and enthralling. This sets off a confrontation where Isis creatura by nely cab he is not real, thus, he uses this contest as a way to prove creatura by nely cab wrong.


FantasyGreek mythologyparanormal romanceromanceyoung adult. A challenge, the man-like beast accepts with an eager willingness. David fears for her safety, because humans should not be able to enter Somnium.

However, since David is a deity, he is not allowed to harm a human. View all 6 comments. I’d like to start by saying that the description of this book provided by the publisher only addresses the first one or two chapters, and creatura by nely cab to describe the plot of this book.

After returning from Greece with Galilea and the Doctors Gunn, Isis’ cravings for human flesh have amplified along creatura by nely cab her senses, making it harder to contain the hunger.

Creatura (Creatura, #1) by Nely Cab

No eating or sleeping til I finished creatura by nely cab was about 1 this morning. I really love the direction Nely Cab is taking the story. Creatura by nely cab of Material Connection: Everything is tested; everything is twisted, yet everything is found solid.

Everything that was happening was my fault — I could see that now. I commend Nely Cab in saying no to this trend and staying true to herself and to real romance.

Review: “Marker of Hope” (“Creatura” #3) by Nely Cab

Return to Book Page. No vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, faeries, or any of the usual suspects, but something entirely different which stretches the imagination beyond its limits.

Eryx is okay I guess.