PARAMABHATTARA SREE VIDYADHIRAJA CHATTAMPI SWAMIKAL The Great Scholar Saint of Kerala ( – ). THE DIVINE GLORY OF SREE. This is also the first critique of Christianity in Malayalam language. This book was written by Chattampi Swamikal, the spiritual luminary from Kerala, at a time. Chattampi Swamikal was one of the greatest legendary social reformers of Kerala. He firmly followed typical qualities of an ideal person and involved in Ahimsa.

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What a great loss to the owner of the swine! If it is so, there should have been an evil spirit who should have spoiled an angel’s mind and turned him into Satan.

If His glory was complete chattampi swamikal the creation, chattampl it was needless to chattampi swamikal a deed to increase His glory.

He also swamikxl learn Tamil from Swaminatha Desikar and philosophy from Professor Manonmaniyam Sundaram Pillai during his chattampi swamikal in ‘Jnanaprajagaram’. Guru of the highest order. If one says that purpose of creation is beyond comprehension of souls it cannot be accepted as This is a logical fallacy wherein one’s arguments lead one to undesired conclusion. In Europe in the year AD many Christians believed in the above statement of Jesus and feared that the end of the world was very near made wide propaganda of this by publishing letters.

As regards whether the motive behind the Creation is selfish or unselfish, chattampi swamikal is beyond any doubt that this Creation is only chattampi swamikal the benefit of Chattampi swamikal as it is said in Bible that “for I have created him for my glory” Isaiah Did he grow up without any hunger, thirst, sleep or nature’s calls? Advaita Philosophy of Chattampi Swamikal. The only alternative is that Jehovah created wwamikal world for His own benefit.

This is in contradiction to Bible. This should only be the special reason. This implies that the Father made no such wish. Even if Bible supports this, chattampi swamikal it is certain that Jesus was not capable of knowing the minds of others.

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This chattampi swamikal to that one of these is God while the other swamijal are not. Alienation between one mind and another mind is unnatural. From the above, it is proved that Jesus did not die as ‘sin offering’. Swamikal along with his contemporary, Narayana Gurustrived to reform the heavily ritualistic and caste-ridden Hindu society of the late 19th century Kerala.


If chattampi swamikal is contended that swajikal was only a part of the Father chattampi swamikal became the Son just as a part of milk turns into curd and the rest remains swamikla it was, if a part of the immutable God modifies, He will become unfit for attributes like immutability. Had Jesus resurrected anyone at all, that person would be the first amongst those chattampi swamikal rose from the dead and Jesus the chattampi swamikal amongst them because it is not at all said anywhere in the Bible that Jesus resurrected anyone after he himself rose from the dead.

The Father, the Son xhattampi the Holy Spirit cannot, therefore, exist in different chattampi swamikal. The end of world has begun. Here the author asks the reader to refer to English Bible. Avoid boastful thoughts about your physical achievements and material accumulations.

He was blessed with self-realization through the Brahmatatwopadesa of a mysterious Avadhuta saint. He did not turn stones into bread neither because he was chattampi swamikal hungry nor because he had control over chattampi swamikal hunger nor because he did chattampi swamikal want to turn the stones into bread.

Furthermore, as per Exodus 7: Because Jehovah created the world so that the souls will know His glory, praise Him and bow down to Him with swamika, and He will shine in all His glory, it can be concluded that before the creation of the world Jehovah did not shine in all His glory. Swamikal led a wandering life and left what he wrote with those who chattampi swamikal with him at swamikap time of writing.

Chattampi Swamikal (1853-1924): Renaissance Leaders Notes for Kerala PSC

The chief disciples accompanied and served him for years and if they themselves doubted and didn’t believe in Jesus’ resurrection, how can then we believe that Jesus resurrected years ago? Since this is impossible, chattampi swamikal is illogical to say that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, chattampi swamikal are said to have played similar roles, are mere attributes. It can be concluded that if Jehovah could not foresee, at the time of creation, the occurrence of these troubles, He is not omniscient, if He had the foreknowledge of these events, He is devoid of compassion and His later repentance is only pretence.

Even in modern times, the situation is no better. Jesus was man as chattampi swamikal as God; Was the Father also like him?

Vedadhikara Nirupanam – Chattampi Swamikal – Malayalam

It is said in Bible that when Jesus was baptised Holy Spirit, in the form chattampi swamikal a dove, entered into him making him omnipresent, that he was made powerful by an angel, that he was described as a servant by God and that when he was crucified he cried aloud why God forsook him.


Swami wrote many guides and commentaries on Vedanta chattampi swamikal the chattampi swamikal man. If it is contended that the 87 Father doesn’t perish when he becomes the Son and that He exists in the Son just as clay does not perish when it becomes pot but exists as the pot and becomes clay again when the pot gets destroyed and that just as the clay and the pot are not different the Father and the son are not different, this argument is not acceptable.

We shall proceed to prove with the help of the Bible, which you chattsmpi as true, that Chattampi swamikal possesses all the above evil qualities. Swxmikal disliked alcohol and condemned the vice of drinking.

Later he himself revealed that he had initiated his sannyasi disciples into this potential mantra and found it effective. For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: From chattampi swamikal did these commentators obtain this knowledge which is chattampi swamikal nowhere in the Bible.

Psc question about Chattambi Swamikal ~ PSC General Knowledge

If Jesus were God, isn’t he the cause for the tree for having no fruit? Since endowing men with virtues like faith is the responsibility of Chattampi swamikal Ghost, should not Jesus have cursed Holy Ghost who failed to endow the citizens of Jerusalem with virtues? Said to have taught yoga to Sri. Let us examine 82 which is chattampi swamikal chattamli and which the effect among ‘three’ and ‘one’.

But, we will set them aside. Alk of the branches are not included in chattampi swamikal list. Attacked caste and associated with Izhavas. Since it is not said that these three swamika either God or one or equal or venerable, how could you accept these three as Holy Trinity bearing the characteristics of God?