20 Jul The basis for Ambiophonics is that placing speakers close enough to your ears that you get no significant crosstalk or audio “leakage” from the. Have you ever heard of ambiophonics? Basically it’s a different technology to reproduce the real ambience present in recordings and. The Ambiophonics method. ○ Ambiophonics is an hybrid method for creating a realistic spatial reproduction of staged music, starting from two-channel.

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If you do use six speakers for surround, then when you play 2. It is to be hoped that someday the CD itself will incorporate a digital preamble to control directly the ambience generator.

I am using Ambiophonics for a long time. The imaging is ambiophpnics wider than the 2 speakers, with very good depth and on occasion, a sensation of sound coming from sides. Apple iPad Ambiophonic apps perfect for docking stations. An early hardware attempt to compensate for loudspeaker-ear crosstalk was to apply a little out-of-phase left channel to a separate driver in the right speaker cabinet, and vice versa. Ambioophonics images to one side of center are drawn in non-linear fashion toward one speaker or the other.

The stage image still extends from the speakers outward when the recording calls for this.

Understanding Ambiophonics

I guess I should be more open-minded. See RecEngineering Corner for details.

Room is heavily treated. In each case, one should adjust controls to achieve maximum stage width and symmetry. Again, before the left signal even gets to the crosstalk canceller, room correction for the left channel will cut the Hz level by 7dB.

Ambiophonics, you have to try it

ambiophobics ArokJun 27, You do not have permission to vote in this poll, or see the poll results. Could you please explain how is that be considered as manipulating phase? Ambiophonics can usually accommodate more than one listener since one can move back and forth along the line bisecting the speakers. Sue me, I’m a rookie.

Nov 19, Likes Received: No need to use or create special content. Super Best Audio Friends.


It works on every recording with stereo information. In general what you want to do is put in a left only signal into the box and amboiphonics the delay and attenuations controls so that with the largest amount of attenuation, and the shortest delay the left sound just reaches the far left side, which should ambipohonics close to say degrees if your speakers are really identical in level and distance from you heard.

If the speakers are not identical, the cancellation signals will be incorrect.

Jun 21, Likes Received: It would be more helpful if you had tried Ambiophonics setup ambiophonis then address the shortcomings. Set Attenuation high at 4.


No need to buy other fancy gear, and if you setup it correctly it will probably be one of the biggest upgrades to the sound of your system, for free. But you are assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that the recording was mastered to have a symmetrical stage. Have you ever heard of ambiophonics? If music recordings or movies are made with a direct sound, degree wide rear stage, then it is possible to hear ambiopphonics, instruments, or sound effects anywhere in the horizontal plane.

Instructions for both will be provided below. For a side source, rear speakers provide a second, quite different rearward pinna pattern that combines with the same-side frontal pinna pattern. I use a pair of partial barriers with the speakers at a normal 60 degrees. I made a setup with a pair of nucleus micro speakers near each other and a heavy pillow between the speakers and put my head up to the pillow. Any pair of stereo speakers can be operated Ambiophonically in the home or car environment.

Are you affiliated with Ambiophonics, STC? To summarize, it is possible to have realism without separation, via a combination of true hall ambience with a corrected front stage and this is amviophonics main thrust of the Ambiophonic method. LFFJun 26, This works ambiophlnics in headphones or with interaural cancellation for one listener facing directly ahead and on the central axis between the loudspeakers.

Additionally, ambiophonics provides for the optional use of concert-hall or other ambience impulse response convolution to generate hall ambience signals for virtually any number and any placement of surround speakers.


Furthermore, this entire topic has no place in The Entry Level, and I hope the moderator will move it ambiiophonics a more appropriate forum. Similarly, at that same instant the right ear is hearing a reduced but pure right-speaker sound that is similar in amplitude but not identical to the pure left-ear sound because the resultant sounds are still out-of-phase.

This has been around for quite sometime, and when properly implemented, can produce amazing results. It is possible to make a four-channel music recording that records a degree rear circle of hall ambience for the rear surround speakers and a degree front circle of direct and ambient sound for the front two speakers. Ambience synthesizers are still in their infancy, and with the emphasis on surround sound are getting harder to come by.

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Audio plug-ins : Ambiophonics

Siimilarly, the level differences picked ambbiophonics by mics or panned and stored on disks or in files are similarly reduced during stereo reproduction so that a sound originally recorded at 90 degrees is now heard at 30 degrees. The cursor goes missing and I ambiophomics to retype again and again. I don’t know why I remember the stuff that I do. Are you sure we are talking about the same thing?

Optionally, image width may be augmented by duplicating the signal pair in a rear Ambiodipole. The 85 year old stereo loudspeaker equilateral triangle has no basis in psychoacoustics and like optical illusions is rather illusive. Audiophiles sometimes think of binaural sound as a recording made with a dummy head and played back through earphones. Nearly all the technical aspects relating to ambiophonics have been addressed in zmbiophonics pages of Stereophile at one time or another.

Yes, I thought you meant Ambisonics. Moreover, pinna errors will return.

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