Sorry if you think I’m having a go, but a good guide should explain the options and why exactly you might want to enable them, but abgx I thought i would put an ABGX tutorial together for us all, to show the settings that need to be applied to create a perfect backup thats safe to use. Is there an abgx tutorial to setup or is it just the same as as I noticed there is box for Show Avatar Awards [ATTACH].

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Can i make an iso to patch from my backup disc? So you will need to download the files to patch Kreon rips.

Page 1 of 3. Just doing them all overnight and then searching the results for the word “failed” and “topology” would have been much easier. You must log in or register to reply here. Log in or Sign up.

Was it always that way? The information is stored in the console’s NAND and can still lead to a console ban. It will not brick it.


Well, since the Xbone has been released. I’m hoping to order my xkey soon. Then search Terminal for “topology” and keep tapping through all the results, flicking through the matches quickly will make failed topology stand out against all the passed ones which look the same. Tutorual games that don’t pass topology, use only on a console you don’t mind getting banned.


Stealth patching with ABGX | – The Independent Video Game Community

It should always check topology data. Nov 6, 13 0 west midlands UK. Neo New member Jan 3, Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads.

I put together a more in-depth guide a few years ago. Follow this post to manually patch your. Hi, I thought i would put an ABGX tutorial together for us all, to show the settings that need to be applied to create a perfect backup abgx36 safe to use online.

Thanks for clearing this up, hope this helps some other users with regards to the point of doing the ABGX in the first place.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. So if you care about XBLive then wait until the game is verified. From what I’ve read tutoria, SSv2 is considered safer but nobody knows if thats true. Dec 4, 66 4 0 Earth. Just looked at mirrorcreator without adblock turned on. Say my console is flagged, when does the ban actually happen? If you sign in in that profile a and the flag gets sent to MS then yes.

I think it’s complete, for my region at least And that if I played an unproperly patched game just once, then there is no tutorizl properly patching others as the NAND has already caught on and is waiting for the next dashboard update to brick the console? Feb 11, 3 0 The Bay. Stealth patching an iso ABGX 1. Am I marked in my console?


I’m getting an internal server error. Xbox – Tutorials.

I feel like such an elite hacker now. And the tutorial link is RickRoll’D. Thank you for this.

Unless you know better than Xecuter of course Forums New posts Search forums. If you’re unsure of it, run it again and wait till everything is green. Can I still be flagged and update the dash fine only to sometime later be console banned? Is it okay to name your ISO files to whatever you want?

Feb 24, 6, 8, 0 California, USA. Aug 24, The left side. It’s well past it’s sell by date now, but it still has some tutoriao info I think, for anybody that’s interested Nov 24, 3, 0 Near MelbourneAustralia. Or are they logged and going to flag you as soon as you connect to XBL? Nov 14, 74 1 0 Greece. ABGX tutorial Yeah its down at the mo.

You’ll need to select the corresponding region for ABGX with your console. Have you got an active internet connection?