by Kenzaburo Oe Translated from Japanese by John Nathan His most popular book, A Personal Matter is the story of Bird, a frustrated intellectual in a failing. 14 Mar In the s, Kenzaburo Oe began regularly writing about a character based on his autistic son, Hikari. A Personal Matter, by Kenzaburo Oe. 12 Aug A Personal Matter by Kenzaburo Oe. Thoughts and Reflections. I loved this novel. Having meandered across a few fantastic books written by.

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There, he encounters a gang of young ruffians.

Events and characters are a personal matter kenzaburo oe described indirectly. He currently lives in Toyko with his family. At this point Bird finds out that if the baby gets a little stronger, there is an operation that could possible seal his skull around his brain properly. Even a successful operation is likely to cause significant brain damage. First US edition cover.

He half attempts to kill the child, albeit indirectly, and is forced to decide whether he wants to keep the child. A personal matter kenzaburo oe after day-dreaming about his trip and a brawl with a few local delinquents from the region, Bird receives a call from the doctor of the hospital regarding his newborn child, urging him to talk in person.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With her he finds again passion, he relaxes into who a personal matter kenzaburo oe is and looses much of his self-doubt. They suggest he and Himiko follow their dreams and go to Pegsonal together. He married Juzo Itami in The book opens with him pining for Africa, perusing maps of the country while his wife is in labour.

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If you’re not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: Later, after the baby’s head and brain are surgically re-shaped, Bird’s father-in-law comments on a personal matter kenzaburo oe much he Bird has changed, and how grown-up he now seems. One of the students threatens to report him to the principal.

When Bird’s son is born with a herniated brain–one doctor nervously giggles that it looks like he has two heads–he faces a choice between starving the child to death or financing exorbitantly expensive surgery with little chance of success.

This is a theme that I have barely mentioned, though I believe the author depicts and illustrates a much deeper a personal matter kenzaburo oe here than I realised. Running from dealing with the issue of his deformed child, Bird runs to an old friend, Himiko. A personal matter kenzaburo oe the s, Kenzaburo Oe began regularly writing about a character based on his autistic son, Hikari.

The father-in-law, a professor at the local university, gives him a bottle of scotch. Kenzaburo Oe Translator: They then go to a gay bar that Himiko is familiar with to have a drink. The following day he finds out that there is something wrong with his child.

A Personal Matter Summary

Bird realizes that now he has no prospects for ever travelling to the African Continent, and worries about his Hospital Bills and financial situation. The book deals extensively with fears. Kenzavuro eBook available Grove Press Amazon. At first he is being overpowered by them, but ultimately he is able to fight them off. On the one hand, he feels his life would be free and full of new adventure and opportunity if only the child died.


This triggers in him a surge of anger which, in turn, transforms into intense sexual energy, which Bird eventually expends on Himiko. a personal matter kenzaburo oe

A Personal Matter Summary & Study Guide

Bird decides to share it with an old girlfriend, Himiko, and visits her apartment. The Music of Presonal A horrible question hangs over the a personal matter kenzaburo oe Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing Japanese-language text All stub articles.

His job is at a school and he throws up in front of one of his classes. View the Lesson Plans. This is an incredibly honest, brutal account of a young man’s transformation from immature mayter to responsible man, centred around the birth of his first child.

Reid’s Readings: A Personal Matter by Kenzaburo Oe

a personal matter kenzaburo oe He was strongly influenced by the humanist values of his professor, Kazuo Watanabe. InOe won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The book begins with a man, Bird, who has dreams and aspirations of traveling to Africa, but whose wife is presently giving birth to a child.